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100% Online Translator Certification Program


The Certified Translation Professional (CTP) Designation is an online training and certification program which can help you:

  • Expand your resume with relevant training experience and bullet points that help you compete in the marketplace
  • Increase your credibility and ability to gain employment in the customer service industry
  • Improve your effectiveness on the job through additional specialized knowledge on customer service and loyalty

Translator CertificationThe best way to learn more about our program is to type your first name and email address into the form below and then watch the embedded video:




  Copyright (c) 2012 Global Translation Institute. All rights reserved. The CTP Designation is a global designation program which provides translation professionals with an assessment of their specialized knowledge on translation and specific language pairs. The CTP Designation is a professional self-improvement and continuing education option for professional translators and is not a government body recognized license and cannot substitute for any regulatory or government requirements which may change based on your specific location. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use